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We again are honored to be asked for articles for Northwest Dist. Newsletter.
Here is an article that we wrote sometime ago that was in the ďAmerican Square Dance MagazineĒ.
We really feel that this is something to think about.

Square Dance Revival:

Iím not a household name like some callers of National Stature. I am on a first name basis with some
of these callers and some when they see my name badge, but I feel everyoneís opinion is important
toward finding a solution to re-building Square Dancing.

I feel like everyone else, we need to keep FUN in Square Dancing. But maybe we, Callers and
Square Dancers, need to approach our New Square Dancing Candidates with a different attitude. Get
into this with the idea to dance at their Fun Level. We need to stop telling them they need to advance
up to higher levels. Dancing Levels should not be the issue at all, but the Dancers Fun Levels should
be the issue. Just because we dance at what we, the dancers and callers, either dance at or call at
higher level, does not mean everybody enjoys it too.

We need to instill the idea that at each level there is fun and enjoyment, but that may not be
everyoneís Fun Level of dancing. If we work more on helping these New Dancers to dance at their
individual Fun Level, with emphasis on their Fun Level and NOT Dance Level, then if they are not
happy at a Dance Level. We help them to adjust to the Fun Level they enjoyed the most. Donít make
the Fun Level we enjoy as our Fun Level a priority to get others dancers to our Fun Level of dancing.
This is not to say you canít invite new dancers to your Fun Level of dancing, it just means when you
do invite them and they come to your Fun Level of dancing. Make sure that they continue to feel
comfortable and are not pressured to dance at your Fun Level. Watch them and ask yourself these
questions. Are they having fun? Are they having problems with the movements? Do they come out

We must work on the idea that Square Dancing really is Fun. But a lot of times the Dance
Levels get in the way of the Fun Levels and New Dancers are led to believe that the most fun is in the
higher levels of dancing. And it is, for the ones telling them this that is those individuals Fun Level of

In my opinion we should not sell higher levels of dancing or any level of dancing. We sell
Square Dancing as FUN and you dance at YOUR FUN LEVEL not at someone elseís Fun Level.
When we get New Dancers, work with them at their Fun Level and do not make Dancing Levels a
priority. If the New Dancers do not seem to enjoy themselves in a different dance level, then work
with them to dance at THEIR Fun Level again. Donít let them quit square dancing because some
place we made them stop having Fun in Square Dancing. Mainstream was everybodyís Fun Level at
one time. I Guarantee.

We dance at our Fun Level why canít New Dancers enjoy their FUN LEVEL?


Cecil & Barbara Burton Jr.