Perryton Promenaders
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Dance Schedule 

(Dances are held at the VFW building out by the EXPO Center off Jefferson!!!! Perryton, Texas & start at 8 PM)


Feb 7- Rod & Lois Ford
Feb 19-Don Main,
March 7-Don Main
March 19-Lanny Weakland
March 22 (Sunday) Dean Aderman
April 4-Jimmy Gouge
April 16-Rod & Lois Ford
April 25-Special Tom Roper
May 2-Rod Knabel
May21-Jim Howard, --maybe a special by Jerry Junck---
May 30-district Jimmy Gouge,
June 6-Freddie McKee
June18-plus Don Main
July 4-Jim Howard
July 16-plus Rod & Lois Ford
Aug 1-Skip Gates
Aug 20-plus Don Main
Sept 5-Robert Hutton
Sept 17-plus Jim Howard
Oct 3-Jimmy Gouge
Oct 15-plus Skip Gates
Nov 7- NO DANCE,
Nov 19-plus Freddie McKee
Dec 5- Rod & Lois Ford
Dec 17-plus Lanny Weakland