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This month let’s discuss ways to let the outside world really know about our hobby, Square Dancing. There are so many really great things that happen to all of us by participating in Square Dancing. A lot of what we will be talking about is not new to anyone that participates but maybe it will give out some ideas to spread to those that aren’t involved.

First the motto of Square Dancing, “Friendship Set to Music” is fan-tastic. For example how many Square Dancing friends do you know? Do you have enough paper to list all of these names? We know that you would probably never com-plete a list of all your Square Danc-ing friends because they are not limited to your Club, District, or even State, especially if you have attended a National Event of Square Dancing.

Let’s start with a little bit of Educa-tional History of Square Dancing. Did you know why we dance tips at our Square Dances? The term tip came about back in the Traditional Square Dances when the music was provided by a live band. The band would continue to play for a while then they would stop and place a hat in front of the stage for tipping the musicians when the hat was full they would start playing again, thus the dancing of Tips in modern day.

Another Educational thing about Square Dancing, being a World Wide Hobby, you can Square Dance any where in the world with-out a language barrier. Because Square Dancing is called in Eng-lish throughout the world and the Callers in the other countries learn to Call & Teach in English.

To us the really neat thing about Square Dancing is when you square up in a set, there are no boundaries set on whether you should be in that square. No one wants to know your religion, salary, employment, and hopefully how well you can dance. The Square Dancers just want to have a good time during each tip and we do.
We cannot over emphasize the Motto: “Friendship Set To Music”.

We have so many Square Dance friends that we have met through this hobby, it is unbelievable. We are truly blessed with our Square Dancing Hobby.

Just this alone is an idea that those on the outside of Square Dancing need to know.

Cecil & Barbara Burton Jr.